The Purity and Power of the Mind

Only those who take to meditation with good intentions can be assured of success. With the development of the purity and power of the mind backed by insight into the Ultimate Truth of nature, one might be able to do a lot of things in the right direction for the benefit of mankind.  The Buddha … Continued

The Final Words of the Buddha

The final words of the Buddha just before he breathed his last and passed into Maha-paranibbana were “Decay or annica is inherent in all component things, work out your own salvation with diligence” In fact, this is the essence of all his teachings during the forty-five years of his Buddha-hood. If you keep the awareness … Continued

Reaching Your Goal

“Nothing is improved by not being attentive. When we improve our awareness, so many other things improve. If you keep your attention focused on the spot and are aware from moment to moment, then you will reach your goal. The Buddha did teach this and the wise people of old did reach their goal by … Continued

The Right Time

“Why can you bring your aspirations to Nibbana to fulfilment now? Because the time is right, your form of existence is right, and because of the fact that all virtuous people who put forth effort can fulfil their aspirations. The right time is the time when a Buddha arises and the time during which his … Continued

That Peace Within

“Please take it from me that [Buddhism] will give you an escape from the normal conditions of life, a lotus as it were in a pond of crystal water immune from it’s fiery surroundings. It will give you that Peace Within which will satisfy you that you are getting not only beyond day to day … Continued